2016 Program

Welcome and Opening Remarks


Panel: How Do Libraries Purchase Subscriptions – more than a year after the Swets Bankruptcy?
Tina Feick, Harrassowitz
Kittie Henderson, EBSCO
Kim Maxwell, MIT Libraries


Taking New Aim at an Old Problem: Serials Management at the University of Oregon Libraries
Mark Watson, University of Oregon Libraries


Acquisitions Workflows: From Cycle to Matrix
Margaret Hogarth, Claremont Colleges Library


Spock check! Using Logic Models to Align Collection Management Activities with Library Outcomes!
Rick Stoddart, University of Idaho Library


Listening to our patrons: Assessing and Improving an Approval Plan
Rice Majors, Santa Clara University
Suzanne Kapusta, Senior Collection Development Manager, YBP


Acquisitions as Advocate
Amanda Echterling, Virginia Commonwealth University


The Philosophy of Acquisitions from a Collection Management Perspective in an Academic Library
Bonnie Powers, Franklin & Marshall College


Trends in Monographs: Publishing and Library Acquisitions
Tom Helleberg, University of Washington Press
Marc Langston, California State University, Chico
Michael Zeoli, YBP Library Services


Missing Monographs? Using Faculty Citations to Identify Scholarly Needs
Jennifer Knievel, University of Colorado Boulder Libraries


Rightsizing Access to Scholarly Resources at Western Washington University: Using a University Task Force to Ensure a Sustainable Collections Budget
Mike Olson, Western Washington University Libraries


Vinyl: Death and Resurrection
Stephanie Bonjack, University of Colorado Boulder Libraries


Streaming Video: Central Washington University and the University of Washington Partnership for an Academic Solution
Ginny Blackson, Central Washington University Libraries
Geri Hopkins, Central Washington University Libraries


Crossing the Streams: Trialing and Investigating New Format Resources
Lindsay Cronk, University of Houston Libraries


Does it Make a Sound: A Case Study of digitalculturebooks Open Access Monograph Discoverability in US and Canadian College and University Library Online Catalogs
Aaron McCollough, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Closing Address
Dorothea Salo, University of Wisconsin Madison