2015 Program


Keynote Address
Courtney L. Young, President, ALA

Rethinking Monographic Acquisitions in a Large Academic Library: Challenges and Benefits
Trish Chatterley, University of Alberta Libraries
Denise Koufogiannakis, University of Alberta Libraries

From Policy to Strategy: Collections at CUMC
Michael Koehn, Augustus C. Long Health Sciences Library

Panel: Social Media and Academic Libraries. Building and Promoting Collections
Stacy Sieck, Taylor & Francis Group
Allan Cho, University of British Columbia Library
Zoe Pettway Unno, California State University

How to Implement Big Change with a Small Amount of Change
Robert Kelly, Redwood Library & Athenaeum

Women’s Studies is a High-Scatter Discipline: Assess Women’s Studies Collections Accordingly
Stephanie Wical, University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire

From Dusty Boxes to Data Bytes: Acquiring Special Collections in the Digital Age
April Hathcock, New York University Libraries

Developing Tools for Ingest of Curated Data Collections into a Digital Asset Management System (DAMS)
Julianne Schneider, UC San Diego

Library Publishing: An Opportunity and a Challenge for Library Acquisitions
Maria Bonn, University of Illinois

Improving the Librarian-Publisher Relationship: What Librarians and Publishers Need to Know About Each Other
Laura Brown, Springer
Michael A. Arthur, University of Central Florida Libraries

Subscription Agents in the Library Supply Industry – Where are We Today after the Demise of One of the Major Agents
Tina Feick, Harrassowitz
Kim Maxwell, MIT Libraries
James Wiser, Sage

Transferring Subscriptions After Swets
Lee Sochay, Michigan State University Libraries

Does Your Budget Embrace the Electronic Era? Restructuring the Academic Library Materials Budget for Ongoing Acquisitions Evolution
Maria Savova, Claremont Colleges Library
Jason Price, SCELC