2009 Program

Welcome and Keynote Address
Open Data: Encouraging Open Source and Integration Between Vendors and the Library Developer Community
Terry Reese, Gray Family Chair for Innovation Library Services,
Oregon State University

Going Next Gen: OCLC’s WorldCat Local and Acquisitions
Keith Powell, University of California, Irvine
Lisa Spagnolo, University of California, Davis

But How Do We Pay For It? Realigning the Budget to Support New Access Models
Elizabeth Mengel, John Hopkins University
R. Cecilia Knight, Grinnell College
Patricia Tully, Wesleyan University

Streaming Video: Issues Challenges, and New Horizons
Mike Hill, Brigham Young University
Rebecca Schroeder, Brigham Young University
Julie Williamsen, Brigham Young University

Managing Personnel Resources in Tough Times: Things We’ve Learned to Do (and to Avoid Next Time)
Karen Darling, University of Missouri-Columbia

Priorities and Policies for Gift Operations: Best Practices for Handling Gift Materials
Michael A. Arthur, University of Central Florida
Kelli Getz, University of Houston

Squeezed Between the E’s: Electronic Resources (Print Monographs) Economic Woes
Lisa Barricella, East Carolina University
Joseph Thomas, East Carolina University

Herding Cats: Providing Oversight, Support and Coordination to Library Liaisons at a Small Academic Library
Karen Jensen, University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Collecting Together: Developing the Crater Lake Digital Research Collection
Anne Hiller Clark, Oregon Institute of Technology
Lia Vella, Oregon Institute of Technology

All the Water in the Ocean – All the Books on the Sea: Collaborative Collection Development in Oregon’s Marine Laboratory Branch Libraries and Beyond
Barb Butler, University of Oregon
Janet Webster, Oregon State University