2012 Program

Welcome and Opening Remarks
Molly Raphael, 2011-2012, American Library Association President

Keynote Address
The Changing Landscape of Academic Libraries
Susan Gibbons, University Librarian, Yale Library

Using Service Design Thinking to Reinvent Acquisitions
Steven Sowell, Oregon State University Libraries

All Textbooks in the Library! The Portland Community College Experience
Tony Greiner, Portland Community College

Scholarly Publishers, Research Data, and Implications for Academic Library Collections
Nancy Sprague, University of Idaho Library
Jeremy Kenyon, University of Idaho Library

Patrons: The New Subject Selectors?
Kerri Goergen-Doll, Oregon State University

E-Books- They’re a Heartache, Nothing But a Heartache
Stacey Marien, American University Library
Kari Schmidt, American University Library

E-Books at the Tipping Point? How Faculty View E-Books for Teaching and Research
Laurel Kristick, Oregon State University Library
Margaret Mellinger, Oregon State University Libraries

The Value of Purchasing E-Book Collections From a Large Publisher: A Usage-Based Analysis of Oxford University Press E-Books
Aaron K. Shrimplin, Miami University Libraries, Ohio
Jennifer W. Bazeley, Miami University Libraries, Ohio

Beyond ROI: Transitioning Assessment Into Action
Denise Pan, University of Colorado Denver
Gabrielle Wiersma, University of Colorado Boulder
Leslie Williams, University of Colorado, Health Sciences Library
Yem Fong, University of Colorado Boulder

Discussion Among All Participants About the Impact of Web-Scale Discovery Service
Alice Eng, University of North Florida
Stephanie Weiss, University of North Florida

Managing Electronic Resources With Open Source Software: Perspectives From a Small and Medium Sized Academic Library
Roën Janyk, Okanagan College
Sandra Wong, Simon Fraser University

Stanford University Libraries and Everyday Electronic Materials
Sharon Propas, Stanford University Libraries

Electronic Sandbox: Cross-Organizational Electronic Resource Management
Colleen Major, Columbia University
Jesse Koennecke, Cornell University
Boaz Nadav-Manes, Cornell University

Greening Your Acquisitions From A to Z
Marie Bloechle, University of North Texas Libraries

How Suite It Is: Rehabbing Acquisitions at UNC
Caroline Norton, University of Northern Colorado
Rick Kerns, Creighton University

Managing and Preserving Unique Library Collections
Scott Devine, Northwestern University

Show and Tell: New Artists’ Books at the University of Oregon’s Architecture and Allied Arts Library
Cara List, University of Oregon