2011 Program

Welcome and Opening Remarks
Molly Raphael, President-Elect, American Library Association

Keynote Address – The Opening Hand
Joseph Janes, Associate Professor, I-School, University of Washington and columnist for American Libraries

This Is Not A Test … Patron Driven Acquisitions
Marcia Anderson and Ginny Sylvester, Arizona State University Libraries

The eBook Ecosystem: What are the Challenges to the Environment?
Douglas Armato, Director, University of Minnesota Press
Emily McElroy, Head, Content Management & Systems, Oregon Health & Science Univ.
Michael Zeoli, Director Global Consortia Sales, YBP Library Services

Using Academic Course Data to Assess Library Collection Strength
Mark Kille and April Henson, Naropa University Library and Archives

Project GIST: the Getting it Systems Toolkit; Tools to Enhance and Streamline Workflows
Cyril Oberlander, SUNY College at Genneseo

GIST For You!
Kristina DeShazo, Oregon Health and Science University

Rethinking the Role of Collection Development Librarians
Kerry Scott, University of California Santa Cruz

Demand-Driven Acquisitions: Patrons Riding Shotgun
Alison Bobal, Oregon State University
Linda Di Biase, University of Washington

Collection Use from the Other Side: Assessing Print Collection Usage by Humanities Faculty
Charlene Kellsey and Jennifer Knievel, University of Colorado at Boulder

Blended Libraries: Becoming One Family
Angela Dresselhaus, Betty Rozum, and Cheryl Adams, Utah State
Lori Brassaw, Utah State University-College of Eastern Utah

Moving Beyond 10ks: Collecting and Providing Access in a Business Library
Nathan Rupp, University of Michigan

Maintaining an LGBT Studies Collection in an Academic Library
Rachel Wexelbaum, Saint Cloud State University

Science Video Journals in Academic Research and Education
Moshe Prisker, JoVE

A Patron-Driven Acquisition Project in a Consortial Environment
Tony Horava, University of Ottawa
Catherine Davidson, York University

Jumping Without a Parachute: Transitioning to On-Demand Purchasing for Journal Articles
Camila Gabaldon, Western Oregon University

Implementing an E-Preferred Approval Plan: Assessing Duplication
Carmelita Pickett, Texas A&M University

Demonstrating the Value of Scholarly Collections Through ROI and Other Methods
Carol Tenopir and Regina Mays, University of Tennessee
Kira Cooper, Elsevier

Panel: The Future of Collection Development and Acquisitions
Faye Chadwell, Oregon State University
Scott Alan Smith, Kent State University
Stephen Pugh, Oranjarra Partners
Mel DeSart, University of Washington