2008 Program

Welcome and Keynote Address
Achieving the Impossible? Reflections on Transformational Change in the System of Scholarly Communication
Ray English, Director of Libraries, Oberlin College

Strategically Building Collections: Attempts to Coordinate Budgeting, Tracking, Data Gathering, and Policy Making
Adam Wathen, Kansas State University

The Lois Hole Campus Alberta Digital Library: Building Collections for a Diverse Community
Kit Wilson, The Alberta Library

“Core” and “Long Tail” Materials in Collection Development Consortia
Katalin Radics, University of California at Los Angeles

Collections 2.0
Margaret Mellinger, Oregon State University

New Liaisons, New Ideas, New Energy: One Year Later
Peggy Cooper, Boise State University
Melissa Kozel, Boise State University
Nancy Rosenheim, Boise State University
Richard Stoddart, Boise State University

From Fraught to Unfettered: Developing Tools to Help Librarians Improve E-Book Selection
Sarah Polkinghorne, University of Alberta
Denise Koufogiannakis, University of Alberta

Collection Development in an Open Access World
Karen Estlund, University of Oregon
John Russell, University of Oregon

Making Sure We Have Well Qualified Staff to Do the Work of Acquisitions
Karen Darling, University of Missouri-Columbia
Leo Agnew, University of Missouri-Columbia
Mike Arnold, Blackwell Book Services

Recruiting Librarians to Careers in Technical Services
Deborah Thomas, University of Tennessee
Bill Fisher, San Jose State University

Collections Connection: Streamlining the Interface Between Collection Development and Acquisitions
Katharine Treptow Farrell, Princeton University

Adventures in Wonderland: Subject Librarians and Assessment in Collection Development
Michelle Wilde, Colorado State University
Allison Level, Colorado State University